Mile High Dabs
Mile High Dabs
Juicer Extractions closed-loop Propane Hash Oil (PHO) system recovers the vast majority of the solvent used to extract the oil compared to common butane systems.
- Propane requires less solvent to be used and spends less time in the vacuum oven purging, thereby resulting in faster turnaround times.
- Propane does not extract chlorophyll, resulting in lighter, cleaner product.

- Butane extracts chlorophyll resulting in darker oil
- The average yield for butane is approximately 12%. Butane often requires multiple runs that result in a darker product.
- Butane requires a longer amount of time in the vacuum oven in order to remove all the  residual solvent (approximately one week) and does not retain the terpene signature of the strain.
- CO2 degrades the strain and does not preserve the characteristics of the strain, which makes it less desirable to customers who dab